Changing the Way Educators Use Technology

Education Incites® is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with a multi-national product development team based in Charlotte, NC. Our team has extensive experience in the construction of standards-based formative and summative assessment platforms supporting some of the largest, most complex school districts in the country.

For years, we have worked to understand not only the functional needs of educators, but to also understand the technical requirements for assessment platforms to perform reliably, under peak volumes of student users.

This experience, combined with our collective expertise in constructing high volume web-based processing systems, has enabled us to build Incite® from the ground up – with architecture like no other in its class. Teachers need friction-free systems to maximize their impact in the classroom, and that’s exactly what Education Incites® delivers. We’re helping school districts leverage the power of advanced data analytics to understand their students like never before.

Guiding the Vision

Our Mission:

To provide a technology platform that empowers educators to utilize data for quantitative continuous improvement that increases student achievement and teacher effectiveness.

Education Incites - Guiding The Vision