Sarasota County Public Schools – Florida

Project Summary:

Education Incites custom-built a Professional Development System for Sarasota County Public Schools. The system provides scheduling support for staff (designated as learners, instructors and coordinators) as well as system support for professional development administrators and authorized system administrators. The system alerts users of available courses, courses they are registered to take, courses they are wait-listed for, and tracks professional development credits. The system helps instructors manage course enrollment, wait-listing, and collects course feedback from students.In addition to the PD system development project, Education Incites provides software maintenance services for Sarasota’s Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS). This software application provides Response to Intervention (academic, attendance and behavioral) form management, Notice of Intervention, Narrative Observation, RTI Data Collection, Prescription Assessment, documentation and reporting support. It also provides Section 504 Referral Form management, documentation of parental meetings, Notice and Consent, and keeps a record of classroom accommodations.

Project Goal:
The implementation of the PD system alone will enable users to more effectively track coursework and identify prospective upcoming professional development opportunities. In addition, we are implementing an intelligent linking feature, whereby other transaction processing systems, such as the MTSS system, will have links to relevant coursework described in the Professional Development System. Over time, intelligent links will be more deeply integrated across other applications to help drive teacher effectiveness by linking to relevant PD courses.
Services Provided:
  • Overall project management, support and communications between development staff and subject matter experts at Sarasota County Public Schools.
  • Software development services associated with constructing the Professional Development application system.
  • Building reports to support the Professional Development process.
  • Software maintenance services for the MTSS system.
  • Intelligently linking disparate systems to relevant PD courses.