Montgomery County Education Services Center (ESC) – Ohio

Project Summary:
Education Incites is constructing a software system that connects school districts with community-based organizations (CBOs), such as the YMCA and United Way, so that student information can be shared bi-directionally. The initiative seeks to ensure that every child succeeds from cradle to career (C2C), regardless of race, income or zip code. Nationally, 70 C2C organizations have formed with a common goal of bridging the information gap between school districts and CBOs.
Project Goal:
Learn to Earn Dayton, a Cradle to Career (C2C) organization within the Montgomery ESC, is dedicated to fostering the success of all Montgomery County children from birth until their graduation from college or selection of a career. Their “Big Goal” is that 60% of Montgomery County’s workforce will have a college degree or high-quality credential by 2025. With the recent opioid epidemic, achievement of this goal will be challenging. We believe that by providing information connectedness and transparency between Districts and CBOs, and with the sharing of this information, alignment of metrics and key performance indicators, Learn to Earn will achieve this goal.
Services Provided:
  • Project strategy and evaluations of systems in the market today. Selection of base software platform to begin development efforts.
  • Coordination with other C2C organizations across the country including C2Cs in Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Fresno, California; and others, including the national Strive Together network.
  • Overall project management, support and communications between development staff and subject matter experts in Fresno, California, Education incites Development Staff, and Learn to Earn staff and subject matter experts.
  • Software development services associated with the modification and rebranding of the base system, development of an analytics framework to introduce into the system, and integration into district back end data repositories.
  • Expansion of this new C2C platform in other urban areas is currently under active discussion.